About us LEATHER HYPE: From early man to modern times, leather has been an enduring feature of almost every era of design and fashion. 

Our designers make sure to ally modernity while staying true to the timeless vision. Each piece of our collection is made by selecting quality leather cuts as well as fashionable accessories. As a result, the leather garment created embodies a timeless feature, making it possible to wear the created piece for many years. 

Generally speaking, leather does not require regular care. In fact, leather is known for aging beautifully; you will notice how your leather piece grows with you while becoming dazzling day by day. 

LEATHER HYPE® – Wear your style. 

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At LEATHER HYPE®, we are working towards bringing a wide range of timeless and innovative products for the quality-seekers around the world. We are true to our promise of delivering products with character, that will be part of each person throughout their lives. It is by taking this promise seriously that we were able to gain the trust of many and have the privilege of continuing this mission.

Pierro Calvichi
Designer at LEATHER HYPE®